Kyra Turner

Quick Facts

6 years of experience - primarily high school level
Bachelor of Mathematics from University of Texas, Dallas
high-level math tutor (Honors, AP, Calculus)
Learn Vibrant certified


Despite graduating with her degree in Mathematics fairly recently (2022), Kyra has a tremendous amount of experience.
She has 7 years of successful math tutoring experience, primarily working with high school students. Her experience at tutoring centers gave her a very rounded range of experience, variety of challenges at different math levels, students experiencing different challenges in math, having different needs and requiring different approaches.

Kyra is passionate about math and was a part of Internation Baccalaureate program in high school (one level above Honors).
At Learn Vibrant, Kyra is a specialist, working with our high-level students, taking AP, Honors classes and Calculus (AB and BC).

Kyra embodies the Learn Vibrant spirit - loves continuous learning and challenges. She strives to go above and beyond to help our students and give them the great results they deserve.

Most recently, Kyra helped 2 of our students get:
from 51% to 97% in 4 weeks.
from 72% to 97% in 27 days.

Proctoring and tutoring

Kyra is available for proctoring.
To ensure a professional environment, undisrupted and conducive to successful test taking and learning, she proctors from an approved location - 3101 Park Blvd, Palo Alto, CA.