We want you to be a part of our team if you have the following traits and values

You are passionate about progress

You are passionate about progress and helping others make progress. You like helping others get better, and finding out what “pieces of the puzzle” they are missing on their way to mastery.

You are passionate about teaching

You are passionate about teaching because you know that it's a powerful tool to significantly improve someone's life. Teaching allows you to improve the student's way of thinking. Through teaching, you are able to help them be more inquisitive, confident and proactive.

You love challenges

You love facing and overcoming challenges. You like to work in a challenging environment where you have to problem-solve, come up with solutions, think critically and think on your feet.

You thrive with responsibility

Some people like to watch from the sidelines. Not you. You enjoy the environment where you get a chance to be responsible for your own results. Where you get the going support and the road to achieve them and you're accountable for accomplishing them. You enjoy being surrounded with the team of other A-players.

You have or are working towards a math-related degree

You have or are working towards a math-related degree. You are able to solve problems up to Calculus BC (or even higher).

You believe learning is about confidence, not just grades

You understand that grades are important as benchmarks to gauge the progress with, but aiming for grades at the expense of progress, confidence and independence is a mistake.

You strive to help students develop a true understanding, real confidence and help them become independent A-students who strive for more. Homework and grades are only a part of that process, not the main goal

What to do next

If that sounds like you, submit your resume to amadeus@learnvibrant.com and we will respond to you with instruction on what to do next.