About Learn Vibrant

We help middle school and high school children get great results in math and become confident, independent learners who are not afraid of facing challenges, in academia and outside. We help them achieve great results in math, using our engaging, experiential style.

What we can help your teen with

Right now, your child is struggling. They believe they are bad at math. Their confidence has plummeted. They may even believe they will never get better. Is it always going to be like this? What if they are just “not good enough”? You’re likely thinking about the next math class – how are they going to pass? And what about college? High level is math is essential not just for math majors but for many, many majors and careers such as Engineering and Bio-tech AND not-math-related majors like Medicine.

Our goal for your child is simple.

It is to help them get from where they are right now:

struggling with math lacking confidence in math dreading math homework and tests having to give up hobbies and sports because of math having an ineffective study routine lacking independence

to where they deserve to be:

a teenager for whom 85% on a math test is a norm a teenager who has a learning routine that gets them great results consistently a powerful, independent, confident student a teenager who doesn’t have to give up hobbies and fun because of math a teenager who knows what to do and how to do it to prepare for tests without having to be nagged and stressed out about it a teenager who knows that they can do well in math, and they put in the work to get great results We have seen this transformation happen over and over again. It is not a matter of talent or genius. It is a matter of the right approach, consistently applied learning structure and encouraging, motivating environment. We will provide your child with all of it, to get them to where they need to be. Explore the results our students get (photos of real tests results from math classes around the Bay Area) and what parents of teenagers from schools around the Bay Area say about their teens’ transformations.