Patricia Boone
Mountain View, CA
"I cannot say enough good things about Amadeus and the help he has given my son. My son has dyslexia and really struggles with math. Amadeus is the third tutor I've tried and have been using him for two years. My kids grades went from D's to A's and B's. My son finally started gaining confidence with his math skills. Amadeus was patient and tried different things to help my reluctant kid understand math sometimes having to go back to the basics and work his way back up. Amadeus would work in conjunction with his math teacher to ensure he was working on relevant skills or ones that my son needed more practice. I can't say enough good things about the quality of tutoring."

Amadeus has been working with my three kids for a year now and I can say he is the best tutor ever! Amadeus has made math fun and accessible for my kids, ensuring they love the learning process and substantially improve their grades. I recommend Learn Vibrant to anyone who wants their kids to learn to love math!
Carola Vasquez-Rico
Palo Alto, CA
Amadeus is an inspirational teacher. He is not only an excellent teacher, he is an awesome mentor for my kids. His work ethic comes through in every interaction. He has helped my kids learn, get better grades, and become better humans. My son wants to take him to university with him!
Judy Crawford
Cupertino, CA
Amadeus has been tutoring our 16 year old daughter for about 2 years by now. Our daughter’s grades were dropping dramatically and she really needed help to succeed in Geometry Honors. With the help of Amadeus she went from a D to a B. This school year Amadeus helped her to score 100 of 100 on her Algebra 2 Final. Amadeus is a great visual tutor, using pen and paper to explain broader concepts as well as details. He uses his interpersonal skills to assess levels of understanding. Amadeus’ sense of humor and his passion for math is really motivating. He has a nice way of building the relationship needed in order to learn. All in all: we like him – ALOT!
Erika Lundblad
Santa Clara, CA
Hire him immediately!! 🙂 Four years ago, after a switch to private school, we hired Amadeus to tutor our then 6th grader in math. (he was a year behind public vs. private school) My son immediately connected with Amadeus' calm demeanor, fun personality and patience. He went from a B/C math student to a solid A in honors! We continue to use Amadeus to this day, he is reliable, easy to work work and very talented.
Marybeth Nacey
San Jose, CA

Michele Sheets
Mom of 3 high schoolers
"Learn Vibrant improved my kids grades and made them more confident in their ability to do math.The tutoring service from Learn Vibrant is very effective. Very reliable. Gets results.The service provides exactly what my kids need."

Diane Case
Mom of a high school senior
"I am very satisfied. My son’s grade went up and he finished with A-!"

Nina Nielsen
Mom of a high school sophomore
"I am very impressed with the high quality tutoring that Learn Vibrant Math Tutoring provided to my daughter. All communications and appointments were reliable and punctual. Lita, the tutor was very professional. She presented the math material very clearly and concisely. My daughter seemed to enjoy the sessions too!"

Drew Coppolino
Dad of 2 teenagers
"This was the first tutor to have success with my son, very organized and professional with communication and scheduling but most of all great at what he does. Highly recommend."

"Amadeus has been helped my sophomore high school daughter for over a year. She got good grades on her math class every semester. My daughter has a very busy schedule from her extra curriculum activities but he can provide the flexible tutoring hours to achieve her goal."
- Bennie J.

"Amadeus is an excellent tutor- he has helped our son navigate high-school math very well. He is approachable, builds a strong rapport with his students, and tailors his lesson plans to accommodate the student's specific needs. Our son's Math grades improved significantly once Amadeus started working with him, and he elected to take AP class in senior year without hesitation. When COVID struck earlier this year, we moved seamlessly to online sessions."
- Manish Belsare

"Erica received her final grade for Algebra. She got a B!! We are so, so, excited. This tutoring worked wonders for Erica. A big thank you to you and especially to Daniela for helping Erica improve her grade! She was averaging a D!"
- Carmen Magallanes-Ordaz

"Learn Vibrant was contacted for Algebra help for my daughter who was in 8th grade at the time. We moved from another state and had been homeschooling. We tried another tutor with no success. I contacted Amadeus and he was able to catch her up so that she was able to pass the placement test to get into Geometry. He is a great tutor that comes with not only knowledge but he is also passionate about what he does. His methods work as he not only uses the textbook but he also pulls from other methods to help the student really understand concepts not just memorize. You can’t go wrong having him as a tutor. He also has a great personality that is easy to work with as a parent. I highly recommend him."
- Vicky Magobet

"You were great! I thought you did really well with my son despite the challenges. I liked your patience and encouragement that you provided. Your location and time flexibility also helped a lot. Thank you so much."
- Keala Gaines

"Probably the biggest and most significant change I have seen with Matias since he started working with Learn Vibrant is that he started enjoying Math. While Matias feels that math taught at school can sometimes be dry and mechanical, his tutor Amadeus makes it fun and lively. I think this is driven by Amadeus’ desire to explain the logic of math, making Matias carefully and critically think about it, and making it alive with real-world examples. All of this has resulted in a big change in Matias’ attitude towards Math; now, he gets excited and curious about it, and wants to learn more. Also, Amadeus has a fun personality in general, which makes it even more entertaining."
- Gabriel Weintraub

"Very flexible, fully aware of the most widely used math curriculums across different schools. Easy to work with, tutors are dedicated and focussed and patient."
- Sendil Atreya

"My daughter used to hate doing math. My husband would try to teach her, she would start crying and that would be it. Now, she wants to do math, she does homework by herself and the first time she got a “terrific” score, she ran from the parking lot to show it to me."
- Ariela Edelson

"My son had a great experience with his tutor for geometry. She was patient and helped to break down the concepts until he truly understood them. They were accommodating and flexible with our schedule when things got hectic. I highly recommend!"
- Anna Schernig

"My HS senior was getting F's on her calculus AP exams at the beginning of the year. With Learn Vibrant Math Tutoring, she was able to bring up her 1st qtr grade to a B- in just 30 days! We are so thrilled on her progress and happy we brought them in to help her before it was too late."
- Sharon Svensson

"My 10th grader has found new confidence and interest in Maths since she stated with Nicole, from Vibrant Math Tutoring. Amadeus supports also regarding the curriculum, making it a team effort for the benefit of the student. The accessibility and genuine interest in the learning growth of my child is highly appreciated."
- Moitreyee Chowdhury

"My experience with Learn Vibrant has been amazing. Amadeus is a very patient, professional and friendly tutor. I have learned a lot, but most important and exciting for me is how much confidence I have gained through tutoring. I know now how to ask the right questions and trust myself while solving problems."
- Emely Weimer

"Tutoring with Amadeus has been great! I was struggling with Algebra before I met him and in the span of about a month and a half, he has taught me everything about algebra and from there it was all about practice. He has been tutoring me for about 5 months now, preparing me for my pre-cal placement test (which is along way from the level of math i started from). I have gone through a lot of other tutors and non of them worked. Amadeus is really patient and if I am having troubles with even basic mathematical problems he re-explains everything again just so i get it. I think what makes him really different from all my other previous tutors is that he actually focuses on teaching the concepts and formulas of math and making sure it makes sense to me, rather than forcing me to memorize the formulas. I have trusted him to get me through my college level math placement test and he has helped me tremendously in my success. I wouldn’t have been able to transfer out to a 4 year university this year if it was not for Amadeus."
- Ian Lin