Did your teenager do poorly or fail their math class and now they have to retake it during the summer?

This program will make stress of summer math class go away and help your teenager pass the class confidently without sacrificing summer fun and activities.

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"Amadeus is an inspirational teacher. He is not only an excellent teacher, he is an awesome mentor for my kids."
Judy Crawford
Cupertino, CA
"We are so, so, excited. This tutoring worked wonders for Erica."
Carmen Magallanes-Ordaz
Oakland, CA
"My son went from a B/C math student to a solid A in honors!"
Marybeth Nacey
San Jose, CA
"I recommend Learn Vibrant to anyone who wants their kids to learn to love math!"
Carola Vasquez-Rico
Palo Alto, CA

Who is Amadeus?

Amadeus is an entrepreneur and an educator. He is the founder of Learn Vibrant Math Tutoring, math-specialized tutoring company from the Bay Area.

Amadeus helped hundreds of high school and middle school students skyrocket their math grades, SAT scores, prepare for placement tests, maximize their finals scores and more.

Parents describe him as passionate, persistent, easy to work with and a great communicator. He has 11 years of math tutoring and mentoring experience, and 13 year of competitive math experience.

What is Learn Vibrant Math Tutoring?

We help middle school and high school children get great results in math and become confident, independent learners who are not afraid of facing challenges, in academia and outside. We help them achieve great results in math, using our engaging, experiential style.

Easy Summer Experience is not for your teenager if …

  • they will have too many activities over the summer to commit to at least 2 hours per week to tutoring.
  • You are not willing to commit to consistent, weekly tutoring, only to occasional help before the hardest tests.
  • Your child’s academic success and learning experience is not your priority.

Easy Summer Experience is for your teenager if …

  • they struggled through or failed their last math class and you want them to pass it over the summer with flying colors.
  • they are ready to commit to at least 2 hours per week of tutoring.
  • you want to give your child confidence and get guaranteed results they will with Easy Summer 1-on-1 personal expert math tutoring and guidance.

Your Rock-Solid 110% Money-Back Guarantee

I personally guarantee that, with Easy Summer Experience program, your child will pass their summer math class. It is my personal promise to you that I can confidently make based on my students’ results and my 11 years of experience helping teenagers pass and succeed in their math classes, in high school and middle school. If your child does not pass their summer math class, I will refund your whole payment, plus I will throw in an extra $100.

Ready to see your child pass their summer math class confidently, with zero anxiety?