Your Score Is 12 out of 24

Your Child’s Current Situation

Last semester, your child put in a lot of effort. They were getting great homework scores, yet they did poorly on tests. It was heartbreaking to see them push through the homework assignments, and even complete them, day in and day out, just to bomb on tests. It made your child feel “stupid” and less than other children who scored higher. They felt discouraged. And rightly so! What’s the point of doing the work, trying, figuring out math problems, if at the end they still do poorly? Tests are as much as 80% of your child’s grade while homework is only 10-15%. What is the point of spending time and effort working on the 15% if your tests scores end up being so low?

You were shocked and confused.

It makes no sense to you! Shouldn’t high (or even perfect!) homework scores translate to high test scores? And what is this difference caused by?

Is it caused by your child’s test anxiety?
Do they shut down during tests or blank out?

What You Want For Your Child

First of all, you don’t want them to be discouraged, frustrated and feel less-of, especially since they are doing their best and really putting in the effort. You want them to get the results for their hard work. You want them to do well in math, in the next semester. Eventually, you want them to aim for an A. With more advanced math classes on the horizon, you want to set them up for success.

What To Expect?

It is NOT too late. Your child can still be successful in math.

A lot of parents come to us when their children fail their tests. Many of them tried other tutoring services, talked to the teachers, tried helping their children. Without success. The truth is that your child’s classroom style doesn’t work for them. They have their own unique learning style. Whether their teacher is really bad or not, their way of explaining doesn’t work for your child. Other children have different learning styles. Some of them learn best just by reading the textbook. Some can watch a video and follow along. Your child needs to clarify things along the way, ask questions, get more personal attention. In the customized, personal environment, they will flourish. Their results will skyrocket. We have helped students go from Fs and Ds to Bs and As, over and over. With children who have struggled for months or even years.

No matter how bad the situation seems to you, your child may likely be 30 days from a breakthrough.

Every child has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Your child’s fundamental math weaknesses are right now preventing them from being able to progress in math. They have holes in their fundamental math knowledge. Fundamentals are those math concepts that appear in every single math problem. If your child never fully understood those concepts, no wonder every math problem is a struggle for them. On top of that, your child doesn’t have good study skills. They don’t know how to “get” math. They don’t have a successful routine. A successful study routine is a routine that will consistently help your child gain maximum understanding of math. It will propel them forward instead of slowing them down. Reading the textbook is ineffective. Completing homework in their case is mostly a waste of time. Studying longer is not the answer. It’s about working differently, studying better, working effectively. Not more.

Your child needs to stop feeling hopeless and stuck.

Your child isn’t frustrated with math itself. A lot of students “hate” math when they start working with us and completely shift their perspective within several weeks. Your child hates feeling inadequate. They hate the feeling of doing their best and still failing. They hate the feeling of trying the same problem over and over and just not getting it. They are ashamed of making mistakes. They hate getting Ds while their friends are getting As and Bs, seemingly without effort. It makes them feel like they are destined to fail, no matter how hard they try. Your child doesn’t deserve to feel that way. They are as capable of being a successful students as all of their peers.

Your Score is 12 / 24

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