Your Score Is 20 out of 24

Your Child’s Current Situation

Your child is an advanced student, with a high GPA, big dreams and big ambitions. They aced their math class last semester and they’re taking summer classes to get ahead quicker. They are confident, independent and they like to learn. They do really well in math, but sometimes struggle with minor things, need a little extra help or extra practice.

What You Want For Your Child

You want to maximize your child’s summer progress. Summer classes are shorter and, therefore, more intense than regular classes. You want your child to get answers to their questions, get challenging and interesting problems, and to ace the class without stress.

Your Child’s Challenges

Your child needs a unique learning combination.

Your child is an advanced, ambitious student. You want them to get ahead, learn challenging topics and expand on the ongoing material. However, they also sometimes struggle a little bit with regular school topics, need to answer questions and clarify the details. You want them to cover challenging topics to get a straight A, and also get occasional help with regular homework and the ongoing material.

Teachers usually don’t cover nearly enough to ace the class

Your child is good at independent learning, but their class isn’t that great. They often don’t cover everything in class and your child needs to put in additional work to understand everything and complete their homework. You want your child cover the topics quicker and focus on getting ahead.

Your child could progress 2-3X faster

Most of the time the classroom material is relatively easy for your child. In addition to that, the classroom pace is too slow for them because the teacher needs to cater to everyone, including the students who need extra help just to pass the class. You want your child to progress quicker during the slower periods. Use those periods to 2-3X their progress through individual attention and approach. You want them to skyrocket their skills, solve challenging problems, cover advanced topics and just get ahead. They could be covering topics at a higher level and higher grades much faster. The faster progress and solving more challenging problems, added up overtime will make your child very successful.

Your child could study less and progress more

Studying less and progressing more is possible, because progress is dependent on how you study, not how much you study. In the classroom, the curriculum is “flat” to accommodate students at different levels and paces. Which means that your child’s progress and pace are significantly reduced while they are forced to “wait” for other students to catch up. And, as you probably know, schools don’t offer mentoring on study skills at all. Most teachers are very rigid. They show students the way they personally like to learn and often force them to use that same method. With an individual approach, your child can learn how to understand math “their own way.” They can learn variety of study techniques, pick their favorites and use them to skyrocket their progress.

Your Score is 20 / 24

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