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About The Author

Amadeus Ciok is an educator and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of Learn Vibrant, top 5-star-rated tutoring company in California. Based in Mountain View, CA.

11 years of successful tutoring experience and 350+ students helped

Proven track record of consistent 90+% results up to Calculus BC, including multiple AP and Honors classes

Consistent 5-star ratings from parents

Helped 350+ students improve their grades and ace their classes, from the most prestigious and demanding schools in California: Mission, Lynbrook, Monta Vista, Mitty, Kehillah, Gunn, Cupertino and more.

"This was the first tutor to have success with my son. Highly recommend."
Drew Coppolino
North San Jose, CA
"With lots of encouragement, our son’s confidence and test scores improved. He went from a B/C math student to a solid A in honors!"
Marybeth Nacey
Willow Glen, San Jose, CA
"I recommend Learn Vibrant to anyone who wants their kids to learn to love math!"
Carmen Magallanes-Ordaz
Palo Alto, CA

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Proven methodology responsible for 200+ As in math classes from Pre-Algebra to Calculus BC – including many AP, Honors and Accelerated classes.

11 Years of experience resolving students’ difficulties with math test preparation, confidence, math study skills, focus, homework overwhelm and much more.

11 Years of helping students improve their grades from Fs and Ds to Bs and As in most competitive middle schools and high schools in California.

"I cannot say enough good things about Learn Vibrant and the help they have given my son."
Patricia Boone
Mountain View, CA
"Amadeus is an inspirational teacher. His work ethic comes through in every interaction. "
Judy Crawford
Cupertino, CA
"This school year Amadeus helped my daughter to score 100 of 100 on her Algebra 2 Final."
Erika Lundblad
Milpitas, CA

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"I am very impressed with the high quality tutoring that Learn Vibrant Math Tutoring provided to my daughter."
Nina Nielsen
Woodside, CA
"With lots of encouragement, our son’s confidence and test scores improved. He went from a B/C math student to a solid A in honors!"
Marybeth Nacey
Willow Glen, San Jose, CA
"Learn Vibrant improved my kids grades and made them more confident in their ability to do math.The tutoring service from Learn Vibrant is very effective."
William Warburton
Cupertino, CA
"Amadeus has been helped my sophomore high school daughter for over a year. She got good grades on her math class every semester. My daughter has a very busy schedule from her extra curriculum activities but he can provide the flexible tutoring hours to achieve her goal."
Bennie Junyarungruang
Sunnyvale, CA
"Probably the biggest and most significant change I have seen with Matias since he started working with Learn Vibrant is that he started enjoying Math. While Matias feels that math taught at school can sometimes be dry and mechanical, his tutor Amadeus makes it fun and lively."
Gabriel Weintraub
Palo Alto, CA
"Our son's Math grades improved significantly once Amadeus started working with him, and he elected to take AP class in senior year without hesitation."
Manish Belsare
Santa Clara, CA