We’ve been working with
Gunn families for 14 years.

A lot of families we work with are Gunn High School families. Our students often take the same classes or pass each other on campus.

Competitive and ambitious

We're from this area, I'm personally from Mountain View. Learn Vibrant was born here. And I’ve developed our style with Gunn High School students.

With a competitive approach and ambitious attitude. Where math excellence and A in the math class are the expected outcomes of the tutoring. Where students juggle many Honors classes, sports and clubs. We often work with our students not merely to do well in the current class, but to empower them to take Honors or AP classes in the future (if they aren’t already taking them), or to take advanced college math classes confidently.

Many tutoring companies help children finish homework and pass. For Gunn, that’s not enough.

Finishing homework is not enough.

For Gunn High School, and especially for Honors classes, that’s not nearly enough. At Gunn, we have to go beyond that. The homework is enough to get to C+, maybe B-. To reach an A we need to tutor strategically. Prioritize your child’s weaknesses. Focus on the right concepts. And go beyond homework, draw from our library, online notes and other sources. And we’ve developed a system that does that successfully.

We’re familiar with Gunn’s mental health challenges.

We are also familiar with the mental challenges teenagers struggle with, especially at Gunn. Students suffer from general anxiety, test anxiety, math anxiety. And overall experience the challenges of being a teenager. We are familiar with all of these issues and we make sure our students feel comfortable, feel safe, feel heard and understood.

We create a comfortable environment.

We make sure your child feels safe to ask questions without fear of being shamed or ridiculed. As a matter of fact, we encourage and teach our students to ask questions. To analyze. To question. To not accept things that don’t make sense. We know that many children have had bad experiences, in math and at school. And we help them overcome them.

We love questions.

Questions show that your child is thinking. They’re analyzing. They’re curious. And they want to explore and learn. It’s a fantastic situation and the opportunity we always take advantage of.

Equip your child for success in their math class in 2024.

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