The Vibrant Method Will Unlock Your Child's Math Potential.

The Key Elements Of Our Method


Sometimes the class runs short on time, there’s a sub or the teacher focuses on one of the problems, and there isn’t enough time to cover everything.

When that happens, students often find themselves having to figure out the concepts, even the hardest ones, on their own.

Increasing confidence and independence

Teachers don’t cover many problems in class. As we mentioned, they usually show around 4-6 problems. Then, your child receives cookie-cutter homework.
That creates a problem: during tests, students often encounter what we call "variations".

"Variations" are problems that often resemble the examples solved in class or in the homework but are different enough to be confusing. And students aren't sure how to approach them.

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Supporting concepts

Often times, the problems covered in class are easy to intermediate. There isn’t enough time to cover the hardest problems. But if your child is aiming for an A (or even a high B), they need to be able to solve all problems that show up on tests, especially the most challenging ones.

Our Method Is Based On
4 Levels Of Math Proficiency

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We Will Double Your Child's Math Confidence.

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We Will Double Your Child's Math Understanding.

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With Us, Your Child Will , Improve By 1 Full Grade In 30 Days, Guaranteed.

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We've been helping high schoolers and middle schoolers with math for over 14 years.
And here is what we’ve learnt from working with 100s of students at different middle school and high school level, different schools and different states:
- every student is unique and they have their unique weaknesses, we call them "the gaps"
it’s not enough to simply finish the homework. It’s not even enough to score 100% on it

The gaps.

They are the concepts or areas that were covered in class over the past 3, 6, 12, even 24 months, that your child didn’t learn well, didn’t learn at all, or forgot. And those weaknesses are holding them back.

Every student has them, it's just a matter of where and how extensive they are. Our first goal is to figure out where your child’s gaps are. And what their strengths are.

This will allow us to prioritize those areas, to personalize your child’s learning plan and maximize their progress.

Currently, your child is likely being held back by several different gaps that we have to eliminate to maximize the progress within the next 30 days.

To identify those gaps, we start with the evaluation...

... but we know that the last thing your child wants is another math test. So our evaluation is not a test. It’s a conversation about math. We do it like we do our tutoring - in an engaging, interactive, conversational style.

It lasts 60 minutes, it’s free of charge, and it’s designed to accomplish 4 goals:

1. figure out what your child’s gaps are. Your child and their dedicated tutor will work together, in an interactive, collaborative way (no lectures, no pressure) to solve math problems that we pick based on their math class, level and math history. The problems we will give your child are designed to check the whole range of their math skills. We will give them word problems, technical problems, inverse problems, algebraic problems, analytical problems and more. Different types of problems that are important for their success in math at their current level. We want to see where they are when it comes to different math skills. Based on that, we will create a personalized plan on how we can maximize their progress over the next 30 to 60 days.

2. The second goal is to figure out whether they like our methodology and our style.

3. The third goal is to find out whether they enjoy working with the tutor.

If those three goals are met, we will be in a good position to move forward if you choose to do so. I'm proud to say that over 90% of families like our evaluations, and want to move forward.

We Build Math Understanding And Confidence

Most of the time, students don't understand much in class. They often think they understand the material for the most part, and are just simply missing some details. Which is understandable. They listened to what the teacher said. They saw them solve the problems, and they made sense. They copied the entire solutions from the board. They might have even taken notes on the topic.

But that’s not what builds math understanding!

Math understanding and mastery don't come from watching someone else solve math problems. It doesn’t come from copying math problems from the whiteboard or watching math videos.

It comes from solving math problems independently. Hence, when students get out of the class, many of them don’t actually understand the material.

Because of that, we start every tutoring session assuming zero understanding.

This way, if your child shows quick progress and shows that they, in fact, do understand some or all of the material, we move forward quickly. But we don’t miss any essentials if they don’t.

During every session, our goal is to lead them from zero understanding to full understanding and independent solving with confidence.

5 Steps To Math Mastery

Level 1: Your child develops fundamental understanding of the topic
Level 2: Your child can solve basic math problems with full guidance
Level 3: Your child can solve intermediate problems with partial guidance, they learn supporting concepts
Level 4: Your child can solve intermediate and advanced problems with partial guidance
Level 5: Your child can confidently solve advanced problems with no guidance (correctly from start to finish)

To help your teen reach full mastery in 5 steps, we start by establishing a fundamental understanding of the concepts (not just the formula). At this level, we provide your child with full guidance every step of the way, and we prioritize their fundamental understanding of how the concept works.

Within the duration of a session, we reduce the guidance, keeping your child comfortable and engaged, but also encouraging them to tackle more and more challenging problems over time.

We found that facing more and more challenging problems combined with deeper and deeper understanding builds students’ confidence and enthusiasm. Children get bored with easy problems and get overwhelmed when they aren’t ready for the hard ones. Our method gradually, comfortably leads your child from the most basic problems to the hardest ones, building their confidence and independence in the process.

Before you notice, your child will be independently solving the most advanced math problems and beaming with confidence.