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Hi there!

My name is Amadeus Ciok.
I founded Learn Vibrant in 2010.
My role is to make sure that you, as a parent, are happy with your child's progress. And that your child is happy with the tutor.

To make sure that happens, I hire top tutors, vet them and train them. I also talk to the parents - if we work together and you need our help, I'm here to help. I'm available and you will have direct contact with me personally.

A little bit of my background:
15 years of math tutoring experience
The author of "Success In Math"
The creator of The Vibrant Method
Awarded 2nd degree rewards on international math competition Kangaroo
The founder of Learn Vibrant

If you want to ask a question, discuss whether we are good fit for your child or ask anything, do not hesitate to reach out!

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We Hire Top Tutors.

When you work with Learn Vibrant, you know that your child is working with a team of dedicated professionals, and a high-level tutor who was carefully qualified, selected and trained.


Some teachers and tutors speak without clarity. Which frustrates students and poses big, unnecessary challenges for them.

That's why we only hire tutors educated in the US, to ensure that their communication is crystal-clear and your child can focus 100% of their attention on math and their progress.

Top 1%

Out of every 200 applicants, we hire 1 or 2.
We hire nationwide, to be able to select the best of the best. Is that difficult? Yes, our hiring process is quite long, with 4-step interview process, that takes up to 4 weeks, and 3-week math training camp.

We know that education is very important for your child. It will open the doors to their future colleges and jobs.

Hence, we don't cut corners. We ensure we have top talent on our team to give your child the results they deserve and work hard for.


Many companies hire people based on a short math skills test.
For example, at one of the tutoring centers in my neighborhood, tutors get hired to teach any level of math from middle school math to Calculus AB based on one 30-minute algebra 1 test.
This way companies can cut costs.

At Learn Vibrant, we care first and foremost about quality.
Our tutors have to meet our strict criteria.

To even be considered for the position, tutors have to have at least 7 years of proven experience and a math degree.


Our tutors have at least 7 years of formal tutoring or teaching experience.

We have interviewed 100s of tutors with degrees, experience, certificates and those with passion but no degrees and no experience.

And I can tell you with 100% certainty that education is not enough to be great. Experience and great attitude are essential.
Hence, we put in time and effort to find the best of the best (top 1%), however time consuming and difficult that sometimes is, education professionals who not only have a degree in Mathematics (or more) but also taught challenging math classes multiple times and know the material inside and out.


We hire education professionals exclusively. We do not hire college students or people who tutor as a side job.

Our tutors are professionals for whom teaching is a career and a passion.
For us, just like for you, your child’s education is a priority. Other tutoring companies might have semi-professional tutors on their team. Tutors with limited experience or knowledge, who teach for fun, to make some money on the side, or “tutor for now” before they get the job they really want. We hire exclusively people who teach as a career. Our tutors teach because they love it and they’re great at it.

Because our tutors are professional educators, committed to teaching as a career, your child’s tutor will:
  • be able to work with your child long-term (they can continue in the upcoming years, should you choose to continue working with us)
  • get to know your child, their learning preferences, cultivate their relationship and put in the extra effort required to continuously identify and eliminate your child’s weaknesses to propel them to excel in math
  • put in the effort to progress and deepen their math expertise on ongoing basis

We do this because students we work with:
  • Stay with us for 19 months on average (some stay for many years)
  • Like to continue working with the same tutor whom they know and enjoy working with
  • Like to work with someone with a growth mindset, who cares about them and their future, who strives to better themselves and is able to mentor them through their educational challenges
  • A lot of our students take high level classes, AP and Honors, so deep math knowledge, extensive tutoring experience and great attitude are essential to help your students succeed

We've been tutoring math for over 14 years. We routinely teach at the highest level of high school math, helping students excel in their AP and Honors courses.

We're known for tutoring students at the top high schools, including:
Gunn High School

Our team members:
  • Have a degree in Mathematics (or more)
  • Have at least 7 years of tutoring or teaching experience (some have as much as 13 years of experience)
  • Are professionals teachers or tutors
  • Have passed our in-depth, 4-step interviewing process and a 3-week math bootcamp
  • Are among 1% best tutors in the US

Our tutors are fun, interactive, passionate and great at working with teenagers.

We hire tutors who are naturally interactive to fit well with our method of tutoring. In our tutoring, we don’t lecture or read slides. So we hire tutors who naturally tutor in an engaging, fun way that teenagers enjoy and look forward to.

Our selection process is thorough - 4 interviews and 3-week training camp.

After we select an applicant, we conduct 4 thorough interviews. We test their:
  • Knowledge from algebra 1 to calculus
  • Analytical thinking level and ability to adjust to different students' learning styles, needs and preferences
  • Ability to explain math in an engaging, interactive and simple way
Only about 1% of candidates pass our selection process.

After getting hired, the tutor goes through a thorough, 3-week math training camp with our owner where they learn our method of tutoring and do a deep dive into middle school and high school math. They polish all of their explanations, methods and approaches, to make sure they're up to our standards.

Our Tutors.

Kyra Turner

Graduated with Bachelor in Mathematics from University of Texas, Dallas
7 years of tutoring experience
completed IB program in high school
specialized in teaching Honors and AP classes

Nicole Lia

Graduated with Bachelor in Mathematics from University of Texas, Dallas
7 years of tutoring experience
completed IB program in high school
specialized in teaching Honors and AP classes

Emily Ford

Graduated with Bachelor in Mathematics from University of Texas, Dallas
7 years of tutoring experience
completed IB program in high school
specialized in teaching Honors and AP classes

Jessica Ku

Graduated with Bachelor in Mathematics from University of Texas, Dallas
7 years of tutoring experience
completed IB program in high school
specialized in teaching Honors and AP classes

Amadeus Ciok

The founder of Learn Vibrant.
15 years of tutoring experience.
Author of internationally-published book "Success In Math".
2nd degree award in the international math competition - Mathematical Kangaroo.

How We Match Students With Tutors

We pick a tutor for your child based on their experience, expertise, personality and availability.
Some tutors specialize in teaching Honors and AP courses. Some tutors have more experience teaching a particular math level, such as Algebra 2.

We select based on those criteria - personality, expertise, availability, experience.

And what if the match doesn’t work out?

Great question!
We will happily replace the tutor, and offer you another meet-and-greet session free of charge to determine how your child feels about their new tutor. Your child’s comfort is our priority and we are happy to adjust to make sure they enjoy our tutoring and look forward to every session.

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