Math is not about memorization and theory. It’s not about smart-sounding words.
It’s about taking action. Solving problems.

A lot of teachers focus on the memorization of formulas. Some even go as far as teaching children complex math operations with no reference to the usage or the purpose. That translates to students’ flawed learning approach. Maybe your child tries to learn math by memorizing formulas. Maybe they keep asking “why am I learning this?” because no one has ever showed them or explained the applications of what they are learning.

Math tools are important but knowing how to use them is the key.
It’s the same as knowing about your car is fine, but knowing how to drive it is what we really care about.
Instead of focusing on memorizing the formulas, strange sounding math names and theorems, your child needs to focus on solving!

They need to ask questions like:
“What do I need this for?”
“How do I use this?”
“What do I need to use it?”
That is the practical aspect of math. That’s how math works.

Our tutoring is application based. During our sessions, we focus on solving and applying what we are learning. We always explain concepts in the bigger context, to show the applications and the purpose of what we are teaching.
To help your child understand the complicated math theorems, we explain them in a simple, practical way. We will teach your child how to use them quickly and effectively.