Math can be threatening to your child. After the weeks and months of struggling, your teenager is likely very hesitant to try to understand math, let alone solve problems ON THEIR OWN.
After bad experiences at school and with other tutors, your child may hate all math teachers and tutors, in general.
We know that it’s hard to break that perception. After many disappointments and bad experiences your child has had, how can we show them that math can be fun, interesting or even tolerable?
How do help them embrace the challenge, progress and, most importantly, enjoy it?
We are known to do just that – and more- through our casual, conversational style.

Most tutoring centers and big companies will start your child out with a test. What a great way to trigger the fear of math, test taking, mistakes, failure all at once!

We do the exact OPPOSITE.
During the initial evaluation, we start out with a conversation. We want to get to know you, your child, their goals, their hobbies, why THEY think they are struggling with math, what THEIR previous math experiences have been like, what THEIR aspirations are.

After that, we will talk about math.
No scary tests. No anxiety. No pressure.
We will casually walk them through interesting concepts.
We will ask them what THEY found difficult. What concepts THEY would like to learn.
We will help them go over their recent homework and tests and make some of the most scary, overwhelming concepts easy and manageable.
This way, we will be evaluating their strengths and weaknesses, without putting pressure on them to take yet another scary test.

This will be your child’s first taste of Learn Vibrant approach.
This may be the first time your child won’t feel pressured to perform. Get everything right. Understand everything right away. This may be their first great experience with math!
With us, it’s always ok to make mistakes. Your child will be welcome and ENCOURAGED to ask questions. Lack of understanding is a natural first step on the way to mastery!

We assume the same approach during every session.
We will start by eliminating your child’s fear of math and mistakes. We will help them get comfortable with math. After that, building on the new-found learning mindset with all the fears and barriers removed, we will propel them forward and encourage them to understand and tackle more and more difficult concepts, always adjusted for their level and their strengths and weaknesses.

We will build their confidence and revolutionize the way they see learning.
We will set them up for long-term success.