In class, your teenager is observing their teacher solving problems on the board or they read the textbook. Often times, when they ask a question, they are told to read the textbook to find the answer.

No wonder they are struggling!

To learn math, your teenager cannot just observe it or read about it.
They have to really experience it, analyze it and understand it.

We help your teenager experience math, observe and analyze how it works, and brainstorm.

“Tell Me and I Forget; Teach Me and I May Remember; Involve Me and I Learn” – Benjamin Franklin

In classroom, your child may see 2-3 examples before they are handed their homework. They are a passive observer, watching their teacher solve problems. Then, they copy the solutions from the board. How come that’s not enough? To truly understand math, your teenager needs to experience it. They have to understand the connections between the elements, how to use the math tools, and how to deal with the technical details of math. This can only happen if your child is engaged in the learning, solving problems step by step, answering thought-provoking questions and being intellectually challenged to tackle more and more difficult problems.

This experiential style if scientifically proven to increase learning retention by 140%.
What a difference!

In our proprietary teaching method, your child will experience math, solve, brainstorm and analyze problems as part of the tutoring process. Our experiential style guarantees your teenager will learn, practice and retain maximum amount of material. That means that every time your teenager finishes a session with us, they will be able to tackle more and more homework on their own and will be more and more confident in their math abilities.