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We believe that overcoming your teenager’s math learning challenges not only helps them get better grades and higher GPA. It will boost your child’s self-esteem and will have a huge impact on their future. Getting good at math will prove to them that they can learn difficult things, if they want to. Even if they face difficult challenges. Even if things seem to be completely out of reach at times. Even if they struggle. They will learn powerful learning principles, that will propel them forward in the academia and outside of it.


Amadeus has been working with my three kids for two years now. He is the best tutor ever, making math fun and accessible, ensuring they love the learning process and substantially improve their grades. I recommend Learn Vibrant to anyone who wants their kids to love math!
Carola Vasquez-Rico, Gunn High School & JLS
Palo Alto, CA


Carola contacted us because her daughter had a C+ in math at Gunn High School and her middle school twin boys needed help with math homework. The twins had homework help before but Carola wanted to make it fun for the kids, to help them enjoy math, not just complete assignments.


Emi finished with an A- in Geometry and an 96% (A) in Algebra 2 Honors. The twins finished with A- and B+ respectively. The twins enjoyed the extra fun math practice we covered with them, beyond their math class.

How We Helped

Emi had an ambitious goal. She didn’t just want to pass the class – her goal was to get a straight A. We focused on completing homework more and more independently and preparing for tests by covering challenging problems. We covered all topics she forgot since taking algebra 1, focused on experiential learning and gave her many math challenges, that she needed to be able to get her grade up to 95%+ level.

Emi’s Transformation

In spite of many challenges with the teacher, Emi finished her Geometry class with an A-. Her math teacher told her she should not take Algebra 2 Honors because she would not be able to handle it. We advised her to take it with 100% support from us, because we believed that she would absolutely be able to handle it. She finished that Algebra 2 class with a 96% after consistently scoring in the 95% range. Emi used to need help with homework and needed help preparing for tests. Now she asks specific questions and wants to practice the most difficult problems to aim for an A on every test. She is often able to finish all of her pre-test packets on her own.

Emi’s Long-term Results

Emi is taking Intro to Analysis and Calculus at Gunn High School and aims to attend UC Santa Barbara.

Are You Ready For Your Child’s Math Transformation?


Amadeus has been tutoring our 16 year old daughter for about 2 years by now. Our daughter’s grades were dropping dramatically and she really needed help to succeed in Geometry Honors. With the help of Amadeus she went from a D to a B. This school year Amadeus helped her to score 100 of 100 on her Algebra 2 Final. Amadeus is a great visual tutor, using pen and paper to explain broader concepts as well as details. He uses his interpersonal skills to assess levels of understanding. Amadeus’ sense of humor and his passion for math is really motivating. He has a nice way of building the relationship needed in order to learn. All in all: we like him – ALOT!
Erika Lundblad
Milpitas, CA


Erika contacted us because Lovisa was failing her Geometry Honors class. Lovisa was significantly behind in math and, having recently switched schools, she had difficulty navigating differences in programs and teachers’ approaches. Lovisa’s textbook was very technical and she had difficulty with that style. She wanted to do well, but was very frustrated and discouraged by the obstacles she was facing in math on a daily basis.


Lovisa’s grade went up from a D, to a high B. Her scores went up to an A level but her cummulative grade was lowered to a B by her previous scores. In Geometry, a lot of problems consist of many pieces and formulas that have to be applied. Through her transformation, Lovisa learned how to connect those pieces and use math tools effectively to solve problems. She scored 100/100 on the following final, in Algebra 2.

How We Helped

We addressed Lovisa’s difficulties in the technical aspect of math. Lovisa learned how to connect multiple pieces of information and identify useful formulas. She learned how to use the formulas to get her from the beginning to the event of the problems. We also helped Lovisa see math in a practical way and practiced step by step methods with her.

Lovisa’s Transformation

She built up her math fundamentals and analytical thinking. She benefited from the fun, clear way in which we explain complicated problems. Lovisa went from not knowing how to approach problems and not being able to complete homework at all, to completing most of the homework before our sessions and asking great, targeted questions to be able to solve the problems independently.

Lovisa’s Long-Term Results

Lovisa’s family moved back to Sweden, where she now studies Engineering and Design at the university. She tutors math, because of the transformation she experienced with Learn Vibrant. We are incredibly happy to see her excel and thrive!

Are You Ready For Your Child’s Math Transformation?


Hire him immediately!! 🙂 Four years ago, after a switch to private school, we hired Amadeus to tutor our then 6th grader in math. (he was a year behind public vs. private school) My son immediately connected with Amadeus’ calm demeanor, fun personality and patience. Slowly and with lots of encouragement, our son’s confidence and test scores improved. He went from a B/C math student to a solid A in honors! We continue to use Amadeus to this day, he is reliable, easy to work work and very talented.
Marybeth Nacey, Bellarmine College Prep
San Jose, CA


Marybeth contacted us because, after switching to a private school, Michael was a year behind in math and was struggling a lot. When Marybeth reached out to us, Michael was at a C+ level.


Michael consistently scored at 90+% level in the majority of his tests and quizzes. He won the recognition award for the best math student in his middle school.

How We Helped

Micheal had a good learning attitude and wanted to do well, but was held back by the year gap, and the difference in math levels between schools. We covered the missing material and restructured the homework to teach him the fundamentals he was missing. We incorporated interesting math problems into the tutoring to help him see how simple techniques and tricks make math easy and fun.

Michael’s Transformation

Michael’s confidence in his math skills grew consistently as we bridged the gap between his level and the level of his math class. Being able to finish more and more homework, and ultimately finishing homework 100% independently gave him the confidence to face more and more challenging math classes. Scoring 90% and higher became a norm for Michael, in middle school and throughout high school. Michael learned how to ask targeted questions and think about math not in terms of formulas and numbers, but tools that can be used in logical ways. He learned how to analyze problems step by step to be able to effectively solve them on his own.

Long-term Results

Michael took Honors and Advanced Placements classes in high school (at Bellarmine). He scored 98% in his Precalculus Honors and 97% in his AP Calculus AB class. One of his results was a 102% – the highest score we have ever seen.

Are You Ready For Your Child’s Math Transformation?


Amadeus is an inspirational teacher. He is not only an excellent teacher, he is an awesome mentor for my kids. His work ethic comes through in every interaction. He has helped my kids learn, get better grades, and become better humans. My son wants to take him to university with him!
Judy Crawford, Cupertino High School
Cupertino, CA


Judy contacted us when Zach scored 40% on a math test in his Geometry class. Zach couldn’t finish homework, was behind in the class, and his grade was already really low after the first test. He was frustrated with making mistakes, getting stuck over and over, and generally couldn’t stand math.


Zach consistently scored 90% on tests and quizzes. He was able to finish homework and prepare for tests on his own, doing a lot of work without any help. In the following year, he kept scoring in a 90% range and ended up with 87%, even though he didn’t put in 100% effort because of “senior hiatus.”

How We Helped

After the evaluation, even though Zach was taking Geometry, we found out that his fundamentals were very weak. His frustration with math came from getting stuck at the end of every problem, on simple math operations, linear equations, exponents and fractions. The mindset shift: Zach thought that he didn’t understand math because he is not a math person. He believed that someone either gets math or they don’t. Eventually, he learned with us that succeeding in math is a matter of practice and effort. It’s like working out, if you put enough reps, you get results. No one understands things at first, learning is often uncomfortable, you have to put in the work. After Zach realized that, he wasn’t beating himself up for not getting problems right on the first try, but instead put in the effort to understand more and practice. He realized the importance of experiential learning and strived to try solving problems, and learning from his mistakes.

Zach’s Transformation

After we tackled the initial fundamental obstacles, Zach realized that he can succeed in math, in spite of previous tremendous difficulties. Overcoming this obstacles was a proof to him that he can do it. After he became strong and fast with linear equations, exponents and fractions and their usage, Zach’s speed increased significantly. He scored 90% on the test, about 40 days after we started tutoring, and continue scoring high til the end of the semester.

Long-term Results

Zach went on to score 87% in his final class in high school – Math Analysis. Zach went to Oregon State/University of Oregon and scored 96% in his Calculus 1 class.

Are You Ready For Your Child’s Math Transformation?

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