Give Your Child A Math Head-Start

Algebra 1 Algebra 2

Set your child up for success in their next math class with our individualized, engaging small-group math tutoring.

Prepare them to succeed in their next math class with confidence and stress-free. In our group program, your child will:
  • get practice of the hardest concepts from their upcoming math class
  • solidify the fundamentals and concepts needed to succeed in their next class
  • learn easy-to-follow step-by-step methods
  • practice powerful study habits
Enjoy premium style of tutoring for affordable price.
"This tutoring worked wonders for Erica. A big thank you to you and especially to Daniela for helping Erica improve her grade! She was averaging a D!"
Carmen Magallanes-Ordaz
Oakland, CA
"With lots of encouragement, our son’s confidence and test scores improved. He went from a B/C math student to a solid A in honors!"
Marybeth Nacey
San Jose, CA
"This guy is an outstanding tutor, my son had a breakthrough in high school math because of him. Money well spent. Great value!"
Drew Coppolino
North San Jose, CA

Amadeus Ciok

Educator, entrepreneur, author

Amadeus is the founder of Learn Vibrant Math Tutoring. During 12 years of his tutoring experience, he has helped 100s of students (like your child) progress in math. Amadeus creates the environment of encouragement where children overcome their learning fears and skyrocket their math progress in record time. They improve their math grades, ace their classes and boost standardized test scores, including AP tests, Honors classes, SAT, ACT and all math levels up to Calculus BC.
Learn Vibrant was founded in 2010 by Amadeus Ciok. We have worked with students from top California schools, including Mission San Jose, Lynbrook, Monta Vista, Gunn, Saratoga, Paly, Cupertino and more. Learn Vibrant uses engaging, practical teaching methods proven to be successful under the most strenuous learning circumstances. Through the Learn Vibrant method, we help students improve their grades, ace their classes (including AP, Honors and Calculus courses) and skyrocket their standardized test scores. We build our students’ confidence and analytical thinking for long-term success. Many of our students have math learning breakthroughs shortly after they start working with us, after months or even years of struggling with math.

How We Create Confident, Fearless Students

We make learning engaging and interesting.

In order to help our students be fully engage during the tutoring, we use the white board and screen-share features. Your child will actively participate by solving along, analyzing and brainstorming with us. We make it interesting by showing graphs, analyzing solutions, taking colorful notes, outlining steps and more.

We create confident, fearless students.

We will encourage your child and praise them for participating and asking questions. We will encourage your child and praise them for taking action, even when they make mistakes. We will encourage your child and praise them for analyzing, brainstorming and overcoming difficulties.
"with lots of encouragement, our son’s confidence and test scores improved. He went from a B/C math student to a solid A in honors!"
- Marybeth Nacey
mother of a Bellarmine student

We make learning fun.

Instead of memorization and formulas, we help our students truly understand math. We incorporate fun, challenging problems, tricks and useful strategies. We will help your child analyze how the concepts connect, how to solve problems step by step and understand the “why” behind math.
"I recommend Learn Vibrant to anyone who wants their kids to learn to love math!"
Carola Vasquez-Rico
mother of Gunn and JLS students

We help students strive for more.

We encourage and propel our students to face challenging concepts and problems. No concept is too difficult if you break it down into simple steps. To boost your child’s confidence consistently during every session, we will help them analyze and brainstorm difficult solutions beyond what they thought they were capable of.

Why Small Group?

Engage More

We facilitate the sessions to help students learn from each others’ challenges, questions and discoveries through interactive instruction and Q&As.

Low Cost, Great Benefits

In a group tutoring, limited to 8 students (or less) per group, your child gets great benefits for less than a half of the cost of 1-on-1 tutoring.

Customized To Maximize Progress

We group students by their math level to maximize their progress. Your child will get in-depth understanding and practice of the specific math concepts they need to know, based on their level.

Your Child Will

Become More Confident

We will help your child overcome their fear of mistakes, propel them to face harder and harder challenges and show them how to analyze problems to make them simple and manageable.

Become More Independent

We will help your child be more proactive in learning, study effectively, overcome procrastination, ask better questions and think independently.

Become A Better Learner

We will teach your child how to understand math better, analyze problems, check solutions, find mistakes and more.


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Set Your Child Up For Success In Their Next Math Class With Our Engaging, Fun Group Math Tutoring

This was the first tutor to have success with my son. Highly recommend.
Drew Coppolino
North San Jose, CA
I am very impressed with the high quality tutoring that Himpax Tutoring provided to my daughter. Five Stars!!!!!
Nina Nielsen
mother of sophomore in Woodside High School
Very reliable. Gets results.The service provides exactly what my kids need.
William Warburton
father of Cupertino High School students

Give Your Child A Math Head-Start

Set your child up for success in their next math class with our individualized, engaging small-group math tutoring.

Algebra 1Algebra 2