Improve Math Grade

How To Prevent Your Child From Falling Behind In Math During Covid-19 School Shutdown

Saturday (April 25th) 10 – 11am (PST).


During this Zoom Webinar, you will:

  • Learn 3 steps to prevent your child from falling behind in math while staying at home.
  • What to do now, so that your child goes back to school confident, on track.
  • Find out what other parents are asking, and what their children are struggling with in math right now – You are NOT alone!
  • Get YOUR questions answered!

My name is Amadeus Ciok.
Founder of Learn Vibrant Math Tutoring. During 12 years of my tutoring experience, I have helped 100s of students (like your child) with math, including AP tests and Honors classes, SAT and Calculus.
At Learn Vibrant, we help middle school and high school children improve their math grades, ace their math classes and boost their SAT score.


Many parents are worried that without regular tests, grades and in-person classes, their children will fall behind in math. Children are struggling: how can they study consistently, when it is so easy to sleep in, watch movies and play video games?


With all the activities canceled, your child has so much time on their hands. Some children use this time to get ahead, others are wasting it. How to help your child do the right thing?


What are proven strategies to keep your child consistent, even if they aren’t motivated and tend to procrastinate.