Why your child hates math and doesn’t want to study?

Your child isn’t alone. Unfortunately, many children develop hatred for math. In tutoring, we deal with a lot of kids who (initially) hate math, are bored with it, do it only reluctantly, are afraid of math and mistakes. Why? Years of boring teaching style, being confused and ashamed of it, being forced to do repetitive exercises and homework, zero explanation of why they should learn math at all. On top of that, math isn’t easy if your child lacks math fundamentals necessary to solve every problem. It feels like running into a wall head-first with the same outcome every time – failure.

Your child is taught incorrectly and ineffectively.

Your child’s math teacher likely shows the formula with 1-2 examples and calls it a “lesson”. Your child doesn’t get a chance to practice the material and understand it in-depth. They leave the class confused and discouraged, with the imminent perspective of overwhelming homework assignment. Your child doesn’t understand the purpose of what they’re learning, they are not presented with the context of math. Just isolated, boring formulas, without real usage.

Dry, boring facts – no real life applications.

Your child isn’t taught what math is used for. Pythagorean theorem – ok and WHAT FOR?? Whatever your child does, they want to know why they’re doing it. What is it for, how can they use it, what’s the benefit of knowing it? They hate putting in the effort for no reason. We all do!

Your child has develop math overwhelm and anxiety.

Your child doesn’t have the strong math fundamentals necessary to solve problems. Every time they are solving a problem, they’re hitting the wall. Every. Single. Time. What does that do to their confidence? It plummets. What does that do to their attitude? They hate math. What does that do to their grades? They plummet. Getting stuck on the same obstacle over and over again, not knowing how to overcome it and with no guidance to turn to is the most frustrating, hopeless feeling you can imagine. After weeks or months of repeating the same scenario over and over (your child has been struggling for a while right?), they are sick of even looking at math. From their perspective, there is no way out, so they do everything possible to avoid math.

Repetitive drill-and-kill homework.

Repetitive homework overwhelms struggling students and bores the advanced ones – everyone loses. Your child struggles through every math problems, so what about 30 of them? They struggle for hours. Hating every second of it. And it’s like that every day.

Do You Want Your Child To Improve Their Math Grade?