Pass and Skyrocket

✔ pass math class
✔ quit stressing out about math
✔gain unshakeable confidence

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Amadeus has been tutoring our 16 year old daughter for about 2 years by now. Our daughter’s grades were dropping dramatically and she really needed help to succeed in Geometry Honors. With the help of Amadeus she went from a D to a B. This school year Amadeus helped her to score 100 of 100 on her Algebra 2 Final. All in all: we like him – ALOT!
Erika Lundblad
Milpitas, CA
Amadeus is an inspirational teacher. He is not only an excellent teacher, he is an awesome mentor for my kids. His work ethic comes through in every interaction. He has helped my kids learn, get better grades, and become better humans. My son wants to take him to university with him!
Judy Crawford
Cupertino, CA

With Pass & Skyrocket, your child will pass their math class.

But we will also skyrocket your teen’s confidence and math learning skills. Enough of struggling and barely getting by.

Let’s identify what’s holding your child back and resolve those issues once and for all so they can finally enjoy learning and striving for more instead of constantly losing sleep and stressing over math.

Stage 1: free consultation + evaluation

We will thoroughly analyze your child’s class requirements and their unique situation. We will thoroughly assess your teen’s knowledge and skills crucial to achieving maximum progress including: problem solving abilities, speed, analytical thinking, foundations, confidence, independence, self-reliance.

Stage 2: plan design

Based on the evaluation of your child’s knowledge, skills and situation, we will create a customized progress plan, focused on helping your child pass their class with flying colors and skyrocketing their math skills to the next level. We will incorporate the development of confidence, independence and other crucial skills into the program.

Stage 3: fundamentals essential for the class + ongoing class remedial

At this stage, your child will acquire a full practical understanding of math fundamentals imperative to their success in their current math class and will gain confidence in applying them to problem solving. At the same time, we will make sure your child stays on top of all their classwork.

Stage 4: general fundamentals + ongoing class remedial

At this stage, your child will acquire a full practical understanding of all math fundamentals. This will give your teen confidence to tackle any math problem, as all math problems at all levels require fluency in math fundamentals. We will continue to help your child stay on top of all of their classwork.

Stage 5: reinforcing successful habits and consistency

At this stage, we will shift the focus onto the classwork. We will reinforce the fundamentals and their practical applications to help your child grow more and more confidence in their math abilities. We will reevaluate your child’s homework routine, study skills and other learning habits. We will create powerful learning routines to help your child charge forward and maximize their potential.

Stage 6: strive

At this stage, we will combine all of the elements from the previous stages: the fundamentals, the learning routines, the practical skills and more. We will keep re-evaluating and maximizing your child’s progress on a bi-weekly basis. When your child is ready to take it to the next level, we may aim for much higher than passing the class.

Reserve a FREE, no-obligation, no-strings-attached 15-minute phone consultation now

Amadeus is great! He is the first tutor that was able to help my son understand high school math, because of him my son was able to make up 2 classes in summer school and get him back on track, he shows tremendous patience and was able to relate with my 15 year old in a way that other tutors failed. He offers great value for what he brings to the table. I highly recommend him.
Drew Coppolino
North San Jose, CA


Can I start without risk or commitment?

Of course! Before we begin, we need to ensure that you are a good fit for the program. Click here to schedule a no-strings-attached FREE consultation.

Where do the sessions take place?

In your home. It is the most comfortable environment for your child, most conducive to learning.

How does the program begin?

The program begins with a thorough evaluation of your child’s skills and knowledge and proficiency level, including fundamentals, solving abilities, analytical thinking, confidence and more.

Do you have your own curriculum?

We have our own fundamentals curriculum and a vast library of math problems we choose from to create a customized program for your child. The other part of the tutoring is based on what your child does at school.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept checks and all major credit cards. We use PayPal to make transactions 100% safe.

How does scheduling work?

You will set up a weekly schedule that can be changed, according to your needs. If your child has a football game, for example, you are free to reschedule the session on that day.