Your High Schooler
Deserves The Best

Learn Vibrant Math Tutoring gives them exactly that!

If you’re like most Learn Vibrant families, you want to give your high schooler the best - put them in the best position to succeed in math, help them learn in the way that works best for them, make sure they enjoy the learning process. You also look beyond math - you want your child to develop real-life skills - study skills, critical thinking, organization and confidence.

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What you’ll get with Learn Vibrant Math Tutoring

  • Fully Individualized Approach With The Learn Vibrant Assessment

    In order to know if and how we can help your high schooler reach their goal, we need to assess their skills and determine their strengths and weaknesses. Based on that, we will develop a comprehensive plan to accomplish your goal.

  • Higher scores, more confidence and enjoyment of learning

    That’s what Learn Vibrant is known for.

  • Premium Math Help With Top 1% Tutors

    Expert, Top-talent, Certified, Professional tutors who know how to work with high schoolers like yours. We hire nationwide to find the best talent. All tutors have math degrees (many have multiple), go through a rigorous, in-depth training camp and pass our comprehensive, demanding 4-phase interview process. Out of every 100 of candidates, we only accept 1.

  • Maximum Results.

    Soaring scores in math class, pride and confidence, with our school-math focused approach.

  • More Understanding, More Engagement and 140% Higher Retention

    Engaging, conversational style that has been proven to get children involved in learning and improves retention by 140% - even if the student doesn’t enjoy math that much.

  • Maximum Results Through Hyper-Local Customization

    Full customization for your child’s specific school, class, textbook and even teacher’s style.

  • Guaranteed Results!

    If you’re not happy with our tutoring or you change your mind for any reason whatsoever within 30 days, you will get your money back even if your child has seen the results.

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Our Leadership

Amadeus Ciok

Amadeus Ciok is an American educator and entrepreneur.
He is the author of internationally published book - "Success In Math" that has had over 1600 readers worldwide in the first few months after its release.

Amadeus has 13 years of math tutoring experience, helping students ace highest-level math classes, including AP and Honors.

Amadeus Ciok is the author of internationally published book - "Success In Math" that has had over 1600 readers worldwide in the first few months after its release.

Our Methodology

Our methodology is the result of 13 years of development, with rigorous tests, in demanding AP, Honors and Accelerated classes, at top US schools. So no matter what class your child is taking, and what high school they attend, you can have confidence that we can help them succeed.

Using our methodology, we have helped our students score as much as 100% on their finals and increase their results from F to B- in as little as 30 days.

We have been and continue to be successful with students from top US high schools such as Oakland Preparatory School (#1 Private school in the US) and Gunn High School (#1 public high school in California).

But Don't Take Our Word For It...

Learn Vibrant Has Over a Decade Experience Working With Families In The Bay Area.
See What Parents Like You Say:

Michele Sheets
Mom of 3 high schoolers
"Used Learn Vibrant with three of my high school sons. All three had improved scores and more confidence in their abilities."

Nina Nielsen
Mom of a high school sophomore
"I am very impressed with the high quality tutoring that Learn Vibrant Math Tutoring provided to my daughter. All communications and appointments were reliable and punctual. Lita, the tutor was very professional. She presented the math material very clearly and concisely. My daughter seemed to enjoy the sessions too!"

Erika Lundblad
Mom of 3 teenagers
"This school year Amadeus helped her to score 100 of 100 on her Algebra 2 Final. Amadeus’ sense of humor and his passion for math is really motivating. All in all: we like him – ALOT!"

90.5% in

102% in
Algebra 2 Honors

92% in

101% in Algebra 2/
Trig Honors