Your Score Is 20 out of 24

Your Child’s Current Situation

Your child is an advanced student, with a high GPA, big dreams and big ambitions. They aced their math class last semester and they want to progress in math during this summer. They are confident, independent and they like to learn. They do really well in math, but sometimes struggle with minor things, need a little extra help or extra practice.

What You Want For Your Child

You want an expert to help your child get ahead during the summer. The goal is to ace their upcoming math class in the Fall. You want an expert to answer their questions, give them challenging problems and make sure they are prepared for the hardest topics.

Your Child’s Main Challenges

Reduce stress and increase confidence in the Fall.

Every class has 3-4 hardest topics most students struggle with. Your child will have to deal with that in their next class. They can avoid the anxiety of having to cover them by learning those topics ahead of time – during the summer. It will help them take the class with confidence, reduce their workload and stress during the busiest school periods.

Have a game plan to maximize progress during the summer without sacrificing the summer fun.

Getting ahead during the summer is a great idea, but where should your child begin? Which topics should they cover? How should they study to maximize their progress? Your child needs a game plan to be able to study effectively and make great progress without sacrificing summer fun.

Progress 2-3X faster than the class pace without studying more.

You want your child to progress but still let them enjoy their summer break. The amount of workload they get daily during the school year makes you wonder if good progress is possible without the overwhelm. It is! Schools are very inefficient. Teacher reduce the pace to accommodate all students, which means your child is being held back. The homework is a huge workload with no great benefits, especially if your child can easily complete it. The teaching in class is often insufficient for full understanding. Most children don’t get nearly enough practice. With an efficient, individualized approach, your child can progress 2-3X faster, while studying less and having time for all the summer fun they want.

Your Score is 20 / 24

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