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Patricia Boone
Mom of 3 high schoolers
"My kids grades went from D's to A's and B's.
My son finally started gaining confidence with his math skills."

Marybeth Nacey
Mom of a high school junior
"My son went from a B/C math student to a solid A in honors!"

Michele Sheets
Mom of 3 high schoolers
"Used Learn Vibrant with three of my high school sons. All three had improved scores and more confidence in their abilities."

Michele Sheets
Mom of 3 high schoolers
"Learn Vibrant improved my kids grades and made them more confident in their ability to do math.The tutoring service from Learn Vibrant is very effective. Very reliable. Gets results.The service provides exactly what my kids need."

Erika Lundblad
Mom of 3 teenagers
"This school year Amadeus helped her to score 100 of 100 on her Algebra 2 Final. Amadeus’ sense of humor and his passion for math is really motivating. All in all: we like him – ALOT!"

Judy Crawford
mom of 2 high schoolers
"Amadeus is an inspirational teacher. He is not only an excellent teacher, he is an awesome mentor for my kids. His work ethic comes through in every interaction. He has helped my kids learn, get better grades, and become better humans."

Carola Vasquez-Rico
Mom of 3 high schoolers
"Amadeus has been working with my three kids for two years now and I can say he is the best tutor ever! Amadeus has made math fun and accessible for my kids, ensuring they love the learning process and substantially improve their grades."

Drew Coppolino
Dad of 2 teenagers
"Amadeus is great! He is the first tutor that was able to help my son understand high school math, because of him my son was able to make up 2 classes in summer school and get him back on track. I highly recommend him."

Nina Nielsen
Mom of a high school sophomore
"I am very impressed with the high quality tutoring that Learn Vibrant Math Tutoring provided to my daughter. All communications and appointments were reliable and punctual. Lita, the tutor was very professional. She presented the math material very clearly and concisely. My daughter seemed to enjoy the sessions too!"

90.5% in

102% in
Algebra 2 Honors

92% in

101% in Algebra 2/
Trig Honors

9th Grade Geometry:
63% to 87% in 4 weeks

7th Grade Math:
69% to 92% in 4 weeks

90.5% in Pre-Calculus

100% in Calculus

102% in Algebra 2 Honors

90.5% in Algebra 2

92% in Geometry

94% in Geometry