Skyrocket Your Teenager’s Grades

Right now your child is struggling, they might even be failing their class.
They likely lack confidence in their math abilities. They may feel overwhelmed and hopeless.
They may be slowly giving up.
Maybe even you are questioning their ability to pass, much less do well.

Many parents in the Bay Area come to us because they are in the same situation as you:
their children are struggling with math, lack confidence in their abilities, can’t finish homework, don’t know how to study. And more.

Here is the great news, based on many of our students’ results:
your child is likely 4 weeks away from real math breakthrough.

We have had students getting from Ds to B’s and As on the first test after tutoring with us.
We have had students double their score in 30 days.
We have had students who started at 40% score 95% at the end of their class.

For students who are struggling, we always aim to get to a B+ first.
For advanced students, we aim at 92-95%.

Your child’s math progress is not far away, no matter how impossible the situation seems.
With our approach, with our comprehensive help and methodical guidance, your child may be celebrating their math breakthrough in 30 days or less.